Greeting Slipring Korea

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Technological Innovation of Slip Ring



Thank you for your interest in Slipring Korea.

Slipring Korea has developed and manufactured slip rings for years. We are dedicated to our manufacturing technique in order to unceasingly devote our research and development to slip ring.

Slipring Korea has gained expertise in slip ring manufacturing technique in this area over decades. We were able to hold the prominent position in this area due to our years of experiences and technical knowledge. Our mission is to conduce toward domestic industrial development in the area to increase in localization of complete products.

Industrial science and technology area have been extremely growing fast in terms of development and transition. We will make certain of adapting the rapid transition and development and be part of it.  

We, Slipring Korea, recognize that the global competitiveness of technique is customers’ productivity improvement and product sales. Therefore, we will ensure being in company with our customers in every step as we progress.